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Spacious Apartman next to Lipno Lake

Spacious Apartman next to Lipno Lake

Dear guests and travellers,
we would like to make your stay in our apartman as pleasant as possible so we prepared list if basic and essential information.


It is spacious apartman with terrace. There are

  • toilet
  • bathroom with shower
  • large living room with three sofas (one of them can be changed into twin bed), dining table and kitchen corner (fridge, cooker, dishes, microwave and kettle)
  • bedroom with twin bed
  • spacious terrace with small grill

It is not hotel nor penzion. It is one floor of our three-floor private apartman, which we (or our families) normally use for living. So please be carefull to all things. We moved in only in 2016 so let us know if you miss something.


  • Asphalt bike track 100 km around the whole Lipno lake starts only 20 m from the apartman
  • Inline path: the same bike track can be very well used for skating; the best asphalt is in the way to the Frymburk town (10 km of good asphalt) or to the other side to Přední Výtoň village (little longer with also good asphalt)
  • Beach (grassy and pebbles): 30 m
  • Indoor swimming pool: 250 m
  • Port of sailboats: 260 m
  • Ski slopes: 600 m
  • Rope park: 700 m
  • Single Tracks for bikes in the forest (named Flow Trail): if you go by cabblecar up to Treetop Walkway (the bicyle you can take to cabblecar), from the top down the other side of the hill you can go by 5 km long single track called „Flow Trail“ through the forest; by cabblecar you can go up again
  • Bobsled Track (in summer): 800 m
  • Treetop Walkway: 2 km
  • Climbing: bouldering on the forest rocks near Loučovice village, rocks near in Český Krumlov
  • Water sports: Lipno lake (paddleboards, kayaking) 1,5 km; Vyšší Brod (start of rafting, river kayaking and canoeing – mostly easy to very easy, suitable for everyone): 10 km.
  • Running: nice running paths up and around the hills: Luč, Medvědí hora, Vyklestilka and others.
  • Cross-country skiing: start of the trail is 1 km, or if the Lipno lake is frozen then on the ice
  • Ice-Skating: only if the Lipno lake is frozen, please watch the live forecast

More info lipnoservis.cz


Lipno nad Vltavou village has very poor shopping. The shops and markets are bad supplied (the best range of products is in the Coop „supermarket“ close to cabblecar.) Especially good-quality fruits and vegetables are not avaliable. If you need to shop then go to Český Krumlov (Tesco, Kaufland, Lidl) or to Bad Leonfelden, both about 30 minutes by car. There is good bakery in Vyšší Brod at the town-square.

The washing machine – we have one upstairs in our flat, which is closed when we are not there.


Wifi (password: A02399113a)

Lock the bicycles well if you have them or better take them inside the apartment into the entrance hall.

Parking is free in front of the house.

H&M Steak – good pizza, located in the main street

Hotel Slunečná louka – good meals and pizzas


HEATING: By electricity. In the entrance hall you will find the circuit breakers. The one called „Kotel“ could be turned off (if we are not there). Then you regulate the temperature using the device in the living room.

HOT WATER: The water is heated in electric boiler that is in the bathroom. The main switcher is on it.

BED-CLOTHES: bed sheets etc. will be on the bed or in the closet in the bedroom


HEATING: Please, turn off the circuit breaker called „Kotel“.

HOT WATER: Please turn off the boiler in the bathroom.

WINDOWS: Close all the windows.

CLEANING: Please respect the following:

  • wash all the dishes you used
  • please remove beddings and let them in the entrance hall on the floor
  • if it is neccessary, please hoover the room

In case of other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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